12 on 12

So, on Friday, I pushed myself to take at least a picture a hour.

And narrowed down my day to 12 images.

12 pictures on the 12th day of the month to document the every day moments.

I got the idea from Elizabeth Kartchner, if you missed my last post.  Her blog is one of my favorites.  Check it out HERE.

Bryan was out-of-town Friday morning, so while I showered I kept my early riser busy with my iPad.  Anyone else have kids that pretty much claim these things every chance they get?

4U9B7822-EditRight as we were getting ready to run out the door to get Bryce and Caelynne to school, I caught Kayce with his backpack on and a toy phone up to his ear.  This kid just overwhelms me with cuteness.  Seriously.

4U9B7836-EditAfter we got home, I snapped this of Hayes.  Spring time in Wyoming.  We had so much snow last week.  I love how fluffy it was, and Hayes couldn’t help but try to catch it on his tongue.

Once we were in where it was warm, I did some laundry.  (LOTS of it)

4U9B7885-EditThe boys played.  I love their collection of Mickey Mouse toys.  We will probably hang onto these for grand-babies some day.

4U9B7909-EditThen onto more toys before lunch.  I love when these two play so well together.  Kayce can hold his own and doesn’t let his big brother boss him around.  So, these moments are kind of rare these days.

4U9B7916-EditDishes…you can’t get more “every day” then that.  (other than laundry, I suppose)

4U9B7972-EditGrammy sometimes comes in the afternoons and keeps me company while we wait for the school kids.  Kayce is almost always the first to the door.

4U9B7987-EditAll the boys being entertained by the iPad.  Hey…give a mama a break.  They were quiet. (wink wink)  Fridays are always a treat because the big kids don’t have homework.  I am usually a little more relaxed.

4U9B8037-EditDaddy, after he had just walked in the door.  Even when he is only gone a night, he is so missed.

4U9B8054-EditBedtime kisses.  Her cheeks are still baby soft.

4U9B8081-EditAnd that’s a wrap!

My first 12 on 12 photography challenge.  I think I am going to try to do this every month.  I loved it.

There really is beauty in the day-to-day things.

Life won’t always be this sweet.



About carehebert

I am a stay at home Mommy to 4 little munchkins...Bryce, Caelynne, Hayes, and Kayce. This site is dedicated to them!
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